What We Offer

High Quality Grass Fed Meats

Pastured, heritage breed pork. Grass fed beef. Free range chicken and duck eggs. Everyone is raised on a combination of pasture, sunshine, and locally milled feed

Fruits & Veggies

Lots of seasonally grown produce, including tomatoes, squash, greens, peppers, etc. We also have a selection of several types of sprouts/microgreens available. Fruit orchard in the works!

Baked Goods

Handmade artisinal breads, pretzels, and granola

Farm Happenings

I’m not a huge fan of “cooking shortcuts” (using canned soups/sauces), but sometimes, they are a necessity. While I prefer to make my own green chili sauce, our animals prefer to be fed, granola prefers to be made, and my children prefer to be picked up from school on time…so it’s not always an option. That’s where my Eazy Green Chile Pork Roast comes in; it is a breeze to throw together, and it cooks low and slow all day, so you don’t have to hover over the stove. It’s a perfect Dutch oven/slow cooker meal! I’ll be sampling this tomorrow at the @newbraunfelsfarmersmarket and handing out recipe cards, but here is the recipe for those of you that aren’t able to make it: INGREDIENTS: 1 Eazy E pork roast 1 Jar prepared GC stew (I prefer Cookwell & Co) 1 Jar Herdez Salsa VerdeOnion & Garlic (optional, but HIGHLY recommended)Salt & pepperFat for cooking (preferably lard or bacon grease, but butter/EVOO will do)INSTRUCTIONS:1. Preheat you Dutch oven over med-high heat. 2. Liberally salt and pepper all sides of the pork roast. Add fat of choice to Dutch oven.3. Sear all sides of Pork Roast until golden brown 4. Remove roast, turn heat down to medium add quartered onions and smashed garlic cloves to pan and stir around (of using them) 5. Pour entire jar of GC stew into Dutch oven and stir, making sure to scrape all the brown bits off of the bottom. 6. Add roast back in, pour entire jar of Salsa Verde on top. 7. Wait for the liquid boil, reduce heat to med-low, put on the lid and let it go (️let it goooooooooo️). Simmer for an hour per pound(ish), or until for tender. I like to check on mine every once I. A while, just to make sure it’s not boiling too much/burning on the bottom. It should be gently simmering when you open the lid. I will stir it around/flip the roast over a couple of times while it’s cooking. Once it’s tender, I like to remove the roast, remove the bone, shred it with two forks, and put it back in the sauce for a bout 30 mins to thicken up.#eazyefarms #eazyfood #hopeyouenjoy #notgoodatrecipes #justknow #itsdelicious #youshouldtryit #peoplewillbeimpressed #thiswillgetyouagirlfriend #oraboyfriend #ormaybeboth #notjudgingyou

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I can not stress the importance of quality ingredients when cooking for yourself and your loved ones (but you know I'm about to try, so listen up or keep scrolling). It is very easy to eat simply, healthily, and deliciously if you start with the best ingredients your hard earned money can buy. Take these chicken breasts for example: I'm not a huge fan of chicken breasts. I eat them, but they are not my favorite. They tend to be dry, and they don't really taste like anything. I think the only people who really like them are vegans and my mom (who is just a weirdo that likes dry chicken). These breasts though, that came from chickens raised on pasture by @wholeearthfarm, were the 🏼best🏼damn🏼chicken🏼breasts🏼I've🏼ever🏼had🏼. Ever. All I put on them was salt and pepper, and they were perfect. They tasted like chicken should taste! If you start with quality ingredients, you don't have to add a bunch of other junk to make it taste good; it already tastes good. Buying locally, sustainably grown food makes cooking for your family so much easier. And I know, I know…beets are scary…not everyone knows what to do with a whole chicken…WHY IS OKRA SO GOOEY?!? Clam down; all you have to do is ask the people you are buying it from, they can tell you how to handle their products. Talk to farmers! Try new things! You might love beets and you just don't know it yet! Don't be scared to buy food from a farmer because you don't know what to do with it. I know that I, a farmer who produces things people are scared of, would be happy to show you how to cook things that scare you; I would be willing to bet any producer would. K, I'm gonna hop down off my soap box now and go stew some gooey okra 🏼byeeeeeeee #supportlocalfarmers #knowyourfarmerknowyourfood

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Man I love this post! #gettoknowyourfood #gettoknowyourfarmer#Repost @venisonfordinner with @repostapp・・・People question us and our food choices all the time. “I’m worried about the fact that you drink raw milk!” (we had cows for years) and I’ll retort “I’m worried that you eat meat from the store” We’re so used to how food comes to us in the grocery store that anything else squidges us out.A feather on our chicken!? Cream that rises to the top?! Honey that crystallizes?! Maybe its time to start questioning back. Lets start a revolution.Retort with questions like (be sure to have an incredulous and surprised face on) “HOLD UP>>> YOU MEAN YOU NEVER MET THE COW YOU’RE EATING RIGHT NOW??”.“WAIT WAIT WAIT. YOU’RE TELLING ME THAT NO MATTER HOW LONG YOU KEEP YOUR HONEY IN THE PANTRY, IT STAYS LIQUID?”.“YOU’RE TELLING ME YOU’VE NEVER FOUND A BUG IN YOUR LETTUCE? BUT HOW DO YOU KNOW IT WAS GROWN WITHOUT CHEMICALS IF THERE ISN’T THE ODD BUG?!”.“BACK UP THERE A SECOND. DID YOU SAY YOU JUST THROW THE BONES OUT AFTER COOKING THE ROAST BEEF OR CHICKEN? BUT HOW DO YOU MAKE BROTH?!”.Maybe thats too much for you to question. Maybe you don’t have the same amount of sass in you as me. But golly guys, the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world. I’d say it’s time to use that power to our advantage.Raise kids who think its normal to eat an animal they knew. To know the farmer that grows their carrots. To use the WHOLE BEAST, bones and all.“…mise en place goes beyond the kitchen” (Alex Atala).To know that good food takes work. To not be afraid of that hard work and not be afraid of paying good money for good food. Knowing the beekeeper than took care of these bees is empowering. Cause food is medicine. Thats what I’m aiming for folks.

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Today while collecting #eggs, I was looking around the chicken yard, and noticing how run down and brown it looked. Then I noticed some green patches poking out through all the dead grass. I thought "oh goodie! Something green and beautiful!", but upon closer inspection I realized that it was patches of #grassburrs. My disappointment got me thinkin' 'bout life. A lot of times, I look on the #interwebs and see all kinds of posts and stories that make me feel like we are completely #failing. Failing at farming, parenting, friending, budgeting, adulting; failing at just about every thing we do. It's hard not to compare; to not wish we had a little bit of what they had. Then I'll talk to someone who is really excited about our farm, or someone that was having a bad day until they looked at one of our posts, or (miracle of all miracles) one of our children pretends to not be #feral and uses manners while in public. I realize that maybe our grass isn't so brown after all, and that even though someone's grass looks greener than ours, it may be full of #pricks, much like this bastard patch of grass burrs. Or, maybe their grass is fertilized with large amounts of #bullshit. Or maybe they just threw out some #ryegrass and it just sprouted up looking all pretty because that's what rye grass does. Who knows, the point is we should all be worried about our own grass, because it's awesome, no matter what color it currently is 🏼️ #eazyefarms #weareallabunchofgrassholes #wereallinthistogether #everythingisawesome

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