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Today while collecting #eggs, I was looking around the chicken yard, and noticing how run down and brown it looked. Then I noticed some green patches poking out through all the dead grass. I thought "oh goodie! Something green and beautiful!", but upon closer inspection I realized that it was patches of #grassburrs. My disappointment got me thinkin' 'bout life. A lot of times, I look on the #interwebs and see all kinds of posts and stories that make me feel like we are completely #failing. Failing at farming, parenting, friending, budgeting, adulting; failing at just about every thing we do. It's hard not to compare; to not wish we had a little bit of what they had. Then I'll talk to someone who is really excited about our farm, or someone that was having a bad day until they looked at one of our posts, or (miracle of all miracles) one of our children pretends to not be #feral and uses manners while in public. I realize that maybe our grass isn't so brown after all, and that even though someone's grass looks greener than ours, it may be full of #pricks, much like this bastard patch of grass burrs. Or, maybe their grass is fertilized with large amounts of #bullshit. Or maybe they just threw out some #ryegrass and it just sprouted up looking all pretty because that's what rye grass does. Who knows, the point is we should all be worried about our own grass, because it's awesome, no matter what color it currently is 🏼️ #eazyefarms #weareallabunchofgrassholes #wereallinthistogether #everythingisawesome

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