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Man I love this post! #gettoknowyourfood #gettoknowyourfarmer#Repost @venisonfordinner with @repostapp・・・People question us and our food choices all the time. “I’m worried about the fact that you drink raw milk!” (we had cows for years) and I’ll retort “I’m worried that you eat meat from the store” We’re so used to how food comes to us in the grocery store that anything else squidges us out.A feather on our chicken!? Cream that rises to the top?! Honey that crystallizes?! Maybe its time to start questioning back. Lets start a revolution.Retort with questions like (be sure to have an incredulous and surprised face on) “HOLD UP>>> YOU MEAN YOU NEVER MET THE COW YOU’RE EATING RIGHT NOW??”.“WAIT WAIT WAIT. YOU’RE TELLING ME THAT NO MATTER HOW LONG YOU KEEP YOUR HONEY IN THE PANTRY, IT STAYS LIQUID?”.“YOU’RE TELLING ME YOU’VE NEVER FOUND A BUG IN YOUR LETTUCE? BUT HOW DO YOU KNOW IT WAS GROWN WITHOUT CHEMICALS IF THERE ISN’T THE ODD BUG?!”.“BACK UP THERE A SECOND. DID YOU SAY YOU JUST THROW THE BONES OUT AFTER COOKING THE ROAST BEEF OR CHICKEN? BUT HOW DO YOU MAKE BROTH?!”.Maybe thats too much for you to question. Maybe you don’t have the same amount of sass in you as me. But golly guys, the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world. I’d say it’s time to use that power to our advantage.Raise kids who think its normal to eat an animal they knew. To know the farmer that grows their carrots. To use the WHOLE BEAST, bones and all.“…mise en place goes beyond the kitchen” (Alex Atala).To know that good food takes work. To not be afraid of that hard work and not be afraid of paying good money for good food. Knowing the beekeeper than took care of these bees is empowering. Cause food is medicine. Thats what I’m aiming for folks.

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