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I can not stress the importance of quality ingredients when cooking for yourself and your loved ones (but you know I'm about to try, so listen up or keep scrolling). It is very easy to eat simply, healthily, and deliciously if you start with the best ingredients your hard earned money can buy. Take these chicken breasts for example: I'm not a huge fan of chicken breasts. I eat them, but they are not my favorite. They tend to be dry, and they don't really taste like anything. I think the only people who really like them are vegans and my mom (who is just a weirdo that likes dry chicken). These breasts though, that came from chickens raised on pasture by @wholeearthfarm, were the 🏼best🏼damn🏼chicken🏼breasts🏼I've🏼ever🏼had🏼. Ever. All I put on them was salt and pepper, and they were perfect. They tasted like chicken should taste! If you start with quality ingredients, you don't have to add a bunch of other junk to make it taste good; it already tastes good. Buying locally, sustainably grown food makes cooking for your family so much easier. And I know, I know…beets are scary…not everyone knows what to do with a whole chicken…WHY IS OKRA SO GOOEY?!? Clam down; all you have to do is ask the people you are buying it from, they can tell you how to handle their products. Talk to farmers! Try new things! You might love beets and you just don't know it yet! Don't be scared to buy food from a farmer because you don't know what to do with it. I know that I, a farmer who produces things people are scared of, would be happy to show you how to cook things that scare you; I would be willing to bet any producer would. K, I'm gonna hop down off my soap box now and go stew some gooey okra 🏼byeeeeeeee #supportlocalfarmers #knowyourfarmerknowyourfood

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