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I took part of today off to chaperone HD’s school field trip. I hung out with some pretty awesome 1st graders at the @mckennakids museum, and we all had a blast. The museum has all kinds of stuff for kiddos, but the place that gave me the most joy was the grocery store. Everybody had their buggies and they were all full of everything you can imagine a child would buy themselves; cookies, candy, juice, snack cakes, etc. Then, I noticed HD filling up his buggy. When he came up to the checkout, this is what he had; veggies, fruit, meats, and a couple of boxes of macaroni and cheese. I asked him why he bought canned corn and green beans and he said “because I couldn’t find any fresh” (good answer). I asked him why he made these choices and he said “because these things are all good things to eat” (swoon). I watched him take Capri suns out of his buggy because he didn’t have room for eggplant (not crying)! A sense of peace came over me. We often doubt our abilities as parents (and by we I mean mostly me). Are we focusing on the right things? Do we spend enough off Farm time with them? Do they feel like they are a valuable part of our operation? ARE THEY HAVING THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF FUN BUT ALSO LEARNING THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF THINGS WHILE PRACTICING NOT BEING A TOTAL JERK?!? A lot of the time, I feel like we are failing at most of this; but not today. Today I realized that we were getting at least *something* right. We haven’t ever really sat down and had a discussion with our kids about food; we want them to have a healthy relationship with all foods. He made these choices because they are watching us; everyday. They are watching how we treat others, they are watching how we treat OURSELVES, they are soaking up every little piece of information that we didn’t know we were giving them. That’s why he made these choices today. It’s also why both of them are proficient cuss word users. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #sorrynotsorry #cantwinthemall #eazyefarms #theeazylife #foodforthought #parentingistough #wereallinthistogether #theyrewatchingyou #theyrelistening #freerange #treatyoself #proudmama #healthyaf #freshaf #farmkids #kaleyeah

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