Pastured Heritage Pork

What is heritage pork?

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Heritage pork breeds were some of the first hog breeds domesticated for life on the farm. Th earliest settlers used these breeds for their family farms because of their temperaments, size, and ease of production.  These breeds of pig were very valuable to the family farm; they were pivotal to the management of the land; cleaning up pastures, tilling up ground, and eating scraps so that nothing on the farm went to waste. Unlike commercially grown hogs, these hogs are very self sufficient; they are bred, born, and grow in pastures with minimal human involvement. These rare breeds work well on pasture, which not only gives makes the meat rich in omega 3’s and other nutrients, it also gives it a taste that is unmatched by anything you will get at your local grocery store. The breeds we use also tend to be on the fattier side; giving the meat more intramuscular fat (marbling), which is very important for juicy pork chops ♥. Don’t be scared of fat; fat is flavor!

 All our pigs are born and raised here on the farm.  They frolic in the fields all day, enjoying of mixture of pasture grasses, roots, weeds, and acorns. In addition to what they can find on their own, we feed them a grain ration of locally milled feed.  They also get treats from our garden; overripe or damaged veggies, chicken eggs, and greens. We pride ourselves on raising all of our animals in a happy, healthy, environment. Happy pigs taste better!

Breeding Pigs eatingimage

These three are the foundation of our entire farm. Our sows are Becky, a purebred Mulefoot,  and Black Betty, a Mulefoot/ Hereford cross.  Our big daddy boar is Woodrow, a Berkshire/Ossabaw cross.